Hi, when searching for Joplin on Ubuntu Software Center (20.04), there are 2 options there: Joplin and Joplin-arnatious. I want to know what that means, if they are the same thing.

We do not create Ubuntu packages. You will have to ask the maintainers of those packages.

But maybe you are lucky and they are participants in this forum.

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The two packages on Ubuntu are both Snap packages, one currently produced by myself (joplin-james-carroll) and another produced by Arnatious (joplin-arnatious). The snap aspect is pretty important because it means they're under constraints imposed by the snap package manager, particularly regarding sandboxing. Whilst I'd say 99% of people don't notice the sandboxing, there's some people who do and it mostly down to either turning on the relevant permissions the store app will allow you to control, or simply using another package such as the official upstream AppImage.

I'm currently trying to get the rights to get the package name joplin-desktop instead, assuming all goes well the "Joplin" entry on the store will be replaced with that instead, but otherwise the same principles apply. The Arnatious package appears to be a snapshot of a much older version of Joplin so I don't think they'd mind me saying you probably want just "Joplin" in most cases, as far as snaps go. I'm still actively pushing updates to my own package and in most cases they get distributed the same week as they become stable upstream.


So there's no difference between the packages, except Arnatious is an older version, right?

Essentially yes, they're both usable Joplin clients but at different points in its development, you'd probably still rather the newer one since it should have more bug fixes and features.

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I understand now, thank you