Joplin app icon missing in ubuntu

I uninstalled Joplin and then reinstalled it using:
wget -O - | bash
--2021-01-05 16:30:32--

But in my ~/.local/share/applications/ the appimagekit-joplin.desktop is missing.

How do I fix this? Currently, to run joplin I need to open ~/.joplin/Joplin.AppImage. I would like to have an icon available to be able to add it in ubuntu favs bar.

PS: I will be okay with uninstalling completely again (if someone could tell the exact steps) and installing because I think I messed up my first uninstall.

Why is this --2021-01-05 16:30:32-- in your command? Something iseems off with that command.

Just delete the contents of ~/.joplin and try running the command again

wget -O - | bash

I just tested now, and this creates a desktop file for me (on Ubuntu as well).
If that doesn't work, please copy and paste the output from running the above command.

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Have the same problem and this is solution i use now:
1)Check icon size you use in ubuntu
I use set icon size in ubuntu to 48
2) go to
3) Look for image that is named like:
appimagekit_87cd9a30751919d8bc26ad75640143ca_@joplinapp-desktop.png (or similar)
4) Rename the last part @joplinapp-desktop to joplin
like so:
5) Last thing run command in terminal
gtk-update-icon-cache ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/ -t

it will tell gtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid.
but after that Joplin icon appears on dock.

I do that for every new install of Joplin.

P.S. That long part appimagekit_87cd9a30751919d8bc26ad75640143ca might note be in your installation but the @joplinapp-desktop part is important.

This worked like a charm. Thanks!

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