Jopchop: Publish books and websites using Quarto + Joplin

I'm a fan of the Quarto open-source scientific and technical publishing system that makes it easy to generate websites, ePubs, PDFs, and other documents. It also contains a powerful Jupyter-like interactive code execution system to make for embedded diagrams and much more.

Since I use Joplin for all my note-taking, I wanted a simple way to dump a notebook into a format that Quarto can use. My answer is Jopchop, an extremely basic Python module that exports a Joplin notebook in a format that can be used by Quarto.

You can see an example of my Jopchop output at PSAI. This is a website that I generate automatically every time I modify my Joplin notebook. I can also download the same notebook as an ePub or PDF, including whatever templates are appropriate for specific use cases (like those for a specific academic publication). Quarto builds everything automatically, including the web formatting for a table of contents, support for mobile, etc. etc.

I'm not sure why I did this, but I'd welcome suggestions for a better solution. It is very nice to have a simple workflow that generates pretty complicated technical manuscripts automatically dumped from Joplin


I have not used this tool, but their support for East Asian characters generally has problems. Of course, the root cause is that markdown does not clearly define some boundary scenarios, but there is no way but to handle it by yourself. For example: How to use mdast-util-from-markdown to support Chinese and emphasis when parsing · micromark · Discussion #149 · GitHub

Hi, Didn't try the tool, my notebooks are not really targeted at being printed as a book. But I have a question on your PSAI : Do you focus on LLM or do you also publish info on other AI techniques, such as RL ?

I’m mostly just interested in LLMs. But everything goes into my Joplin notebook and then I decide whether or not to turn it into a book/website/etc.