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I have been searching and have not come accross the ability to publish an entire note book, with collapsible left panel.

Currently it is only possible to share a single note.
How can someone publish an entire notebook with all the notes inside it.

does not one have a reposne for this?

The silence suggests to me that there isn't a way to publish an entire notebook, only to share it with someone else on the same Joplin Server.

joplin-blog supports publishing all notes as a wiki:

Online example:

Since no one helps with the translation, the tutorial for non-developers is only available in Chinese, please refer to:

seems like this you have quite alot of applications for Joplin.

@rxliuli thats a worthwhile tool, i wish i knew even bit of chine, i would have translated it into english

but the item is not publish on plugin repo.
i dont see it. how can it be installed

I have been helping translate some of the other documents there but I've recently been busy so haven't had a chance to continue onto the blog tool translations. The readme is already translated, its just the non-developer guide that isn't. I'm planning to go through the install myself and add/edit as I go.

It isn't actually a plugin, it is an application that uses the joplin API to get data straight from Joplin and publishes it to the site.

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Yes, I created some joplin community tools, most of them are not joplin plugins, but external applications based on joplin data api.
As far as joplin-blog is concerned, it is a nodejs cli program, which is installed through npm and integrated with the existing framework to complete the function of publishing blog and wiki. For specific steps, you can refer to the Chinese tutorial above (you can use Chrome to browse Translation tool), please feel free to let me know if you encounter any problems.

Publishing notebooks using Joplin Cloud/Server is on my to-do list, but not sure when it will happen.

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