Items could not be decrypted, but which items?

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    linux, android, iphone

This "items can't be decrypted" error has existed for a few months. My guess is it originated from some problematic wrong decryption key I input on a new android device (I'm not sure though). I deleted some newly created notes which I thought caused the issue but it didn't help.

Now this error shows up in all devices but it seems most notes are working fine. "Retry" doesn't do anything at this moment.

The major issue is that it doesn't tell me what notes are having decryption issues except listing all the hash number. What can I do with the hash numbers? How can I find the notes with the hash numbers?

2.9 is quite old and we made various improvement to E2EE since then. Maybe try with the latest version and provide a screenshot of the error and status screen

Magically the issue is gone after updating the appimage to the latest version.
BTW, would you recommend the flatpak version over appimage which does not update by itself?

We don't recommend any version in particular, it's up to you. The only version that we release and officially support is the AppImage

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