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I recently migrated from Evernote to Joplin (finally...). I imported a total of around 10k notes spread accross ~40 notebooks. Once imported to the (self-hosted) server, that was around 9GB of data.

After the migration, I made some export/backups as JEX files to have backups since my joplin-server is still being tweaked.

In order to test my backups, I reimported the JEX files. Joplin nicely did imported into newly created Notebooks appending (1) to the name if I recall. This is nice as it allows cleanly up duplicates later.
Right after the import, I tried stopping the sync since I intended to delete those tests right away. I say tray because the sync did start so I do expect that a few items may have been synced. No big deal.

The new import of the JEX files did work fine and I decided to delete those tests notebooks. Since it was a new install/sync, there was a heavy load syncing new stuff so I mainly let Joplin do its thing as long as it had stuff to do.

I am now in a state where everything is clean and synced. I realized however that the size reported by the server is around 18GB so I wonder if the tests I made did not end up in the server. That would not be a big deal but I am now wondering if there is a way to clean things up manually or if things will eventually get purged.

So in short, is there some kind "trash" I would need to clean up ? Whether in the App or in the server ?

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Can recommend Joplin Batch


Thanks for the link @Rolograaf, that looks interesting.

For security reasons, I would NOT use the hosted site and I investigated how to pack that into a Docker image. The tool and its installation is a little buggy and I think it does rely on local tooling to be installed. I started an image but did not get it yet to work. I hope I can find the time to push this forward as this or such a tool can indeed be very useful.

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