Venn diagram?

Hello everyone !

I'm pretty new to Joplin (I've been using it for 5 months) and I desperately need Venn diagrams in Joplin; do you know if there is a way to draw or generate those kinds of diagrams ?

Thank you very much and long live Joplin !



Afaik There is not an option in Joplin for Venn Diagrams.

You may want to try Libre Office Draw or some kind of specific tool.

Use Mermaid syntax w/in Joplin:

graph TD
  A[Christmas] -->|Get money| B(Go shopping)
  B --> C{Let me think}
  C -->|One| D[Laptop]
  C -->|Two| E[iPhone]
  C -->|Three| F[fa:fa-car Car]
  F --> B


graph TD
  A(Observe) -->B(Orient)
  B --> C(Decide)
  C --> D(Act)
  D --> A

Those are note Venn diagrams, but thank you very much for your help !

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