Is there a way to reorganize notes?

I have been using Joplin extensively for some months now and I love it. But it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep everything organized and I’m sure I’m not the only one with the same problem.

If you make notes while going through a textbook you would like to keep the notes in a certain order (that of the book). If there is no way to reorganize notes then it quickly becomes a mess.

Is there any way to reorganize notes? In the ideal world (for me atleast) there would be an option to drag and drop them and a new note gets inserted to the bottom of the list. Or even a number somewhere that I can change to organize the notes.

You could add a number in front of the title, and sort them by title.

Thank you very much. A simple way that I haven't thought of myself :slight_smile:

If I somehow find some time in the coming months I'll have a look into adding a reorganizing feature myself (ofcourse with communicating).