Is there a Hemingway App Plugin or feature I'm not aware of?

Hello everyone

I've used Hemingway App (just google 'hemingway app' as the forum doesn't appear to let me to link to it) for writing and it helps me be a better writer.
I'm wondering if there's a way to get this behaviour integrated into Joplin or if this has already been done. If anyone is aware of such a thing please let me know.

I suppose the easiest way is to get the Hemingway editor and configure it as an external editor in Joplin. Unfortunately I'm on Linux and Hemingway app is not.

From a quick glance it looks that it's a closed-source app without an API. In this case I don't see how it can be integrated with Joplin.

Write good seems somewhat similar and it's open source

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Yeah that’s fair

To clarify - I’m asking if anyone is aware this feature set in available in Joplin or an open source/Linux friendly external editor, not direct integration to Hemingway app. That may not have been clear from my original post

Thanks for your feedback

This is really quite interesting, not something I've heard heard of before. In theory I don't see why somebody couldn't develop a plugin to provide most of the main functionality at least.

There are a few posts I found about somebody who deconstructed the app and wrote his own in JS

There is also an npm package based on write-good that provides something more directly similar to this hemingway app

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