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Please excuse this new user question: on searching the site, forum, FAQ etc I find references to a beta editor for the android app. There is also a post saying this has been discontinued, although as late as May 23 someone says it is working well. Anyway I cannot find it among the options on my android app. Does it exist? If not, is it possible to use an external editor on the android app?
No doubt I have missed something obvious, apologies and grateful for any help.

NB there is still a page entitled "New beta editor for the mobile app" on /

PS Highly irritating to have to retype everything because I included a link...

A few releases ago, the beta editor became the default editor. The legacy plain text editor can still be enabled in configuration > note > use the plain text editor.

Aside from using the Joplin CLI application within an Android app like Termux, I don't think it's possible to use an external editor with the Android app.

Thanks, that's what I assumed.

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