Is it possible to import local HTML docs with web clipper?

Bonus with the web clipper is that it makes it easy to convert any html doc to markdown without extra tools. But I get an error when trying to do this from a local document on my machine. Is it possible? If so, how do I address the permissions issues?

The Joplin extension is not available on this tab due to: tabsExecuteScript: Cannot load {"file":"/content_scripts/JSDOMParser.js"}: Cannot access contents of url "file:///Users/me/here.html". Extension manifest must request permission to access this host.

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You can't add this permission as a user, unless you build the clipper yourself. We would have to change the web clipper's manifest file.

The question is, if Laurent wants to do that, because it would mean that the clipper can access local resources. I don't know, if Mozilla/Google would make it harder to approve the extension then.

However, as a workaround you could run a local web server.

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I don't think we'll support local files and I feel it's not really necessary as you can directly import the HTML file in the app, without going through the clipper, or use the API.

Or indeed use a local server which is trivial with just one line of code.

I forgot about this. I even have this particular one-liner aliased

I totally overlooked this possibility. Thank you

How do you do import directly from HTML? I don't see this in the desktop app. I am coming from Zoho Notebook.