Is iCloud sync off the menu?

I’m looking for Apps that I can suggest for consideration by a group with a mix of computers. So far Obsidian and Joplin are through the sieve but there appears to be an anti-Mac attitude here.
Is iCloud sync available now (and I’ve missed it)?
Obviously one comment that I have read that objects to supporting iCloud sync because it’s limited and Apple products are expensive, is rather silly for anyone who only has Apple tech. Advising them (in effect) to go and buy new hardware and software in order to save money is rather self-defeating! :slight_smile:
So is iCloud sync (or a reasonable alternative) available for Joplin now, a future possibility, or off the books because of resentment of Apple?

This thread outlines why iCloud sync isn't yet available for iOS and ideas for how a developer could make it available. It also offers alternative software with cross platform iCloud sync support, in case that is a must have for you.

This post and this reply from the linked thread above outline how to make Joplin work with iCloud on MacOS.

Interesting to me to the extent that one of the reasons I started using Joplin was to get away from iCloud, despite being a long term user of Apple products.

The trigger was my irritation at how it handles Contacts (issue not relevant here). Finding a good alternative was difficult, though once I had started I decided to get something decent for Notes as well. Joplin has eventually won that over some alternatives considered or tried, running smoothly on a WebDAV server.

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The iCloud has no link with my contacts so no problem there. For many reasons I won’t use Windows, and would struggle to move to Linux at my age. Despite that I run a general computer discussion group and help desk for retired people like myself. Apple isn’t my first choice. I find its GUI to be primitive even if not as bad as Windows. Had it kept up to date I would be using RISC OS still.

Having personal preferences is one thing. Using those preferences to enable a boycott for everyone is something else.

Someone in the discussion said that few were interested in an iCloud solution; perhaps those interested have read the comments and decided to look for a friendlier environment. If I hadn’t been looking for others that would probably have been my reaction.

This could be my last comment. The group is failing to recognise my log-in details and I cannot see the worth of re-registering. I’m disappointed. Joplin sounded most interesting but, if it demands I change my system at the point that it works best, then I won’t be using it or suggesting it for others.

John Cartmell

It seems a bit of a leap to say that as Joplin does not have support for syncing with iCloud it must be due to an "anti-mac attitude" or a "resentment" or a "boycott" of Apple. From what I have read in some of the linked posts they seem more to say that Apple makes it difficult to use iCloud on anything other than an Apple device. A recent (FEB24) review of the new iCloud client for Windows suggests that even Apple itself has trouble enabling users of other OS's to use iCloud.

I also find it odd that you suggested that many more may have wanted to ask about iCloud support but "decided to look for a friendlier environment". No one has ever got flamed for mentioning Apple or iCloud. All that has happened is that no-one has been either able to, or been in a position to, provide it. But maybe I have misconstrued what you meant by "friendlier environment".

My take on what has been said is not that there is a blatant anti-Apple mindset of those who contribute to Joplin, but more that it is not easy to add iCloud support. One of the posts by the Joplin maintainer does say that if anyone was able to submit a PR that added iCloud support it would be considered for merging. He also mentions that this is how S3 support came to be added to Joplin.

Furthermore, Joplin is not even in a position to "demand" that anyone does not use their Apple kit. It just cannot sync with iCloud. That's it. End of story. If that is something you must have then obviously Joplin is not a product you can use. Just as you have found.

When I moved to Linux from Windows I had a lot of purchased software that I could no longer use because the companies that made it did not publish a Linux version. Did those companies "resent" Linux, were they "boycotting" Linux, did they "demand" I revert to Windows? No. They just don't currently support a Linux version. One company even said that they did not support Linux because it would be too much additional work. That's bloody annoying but it's not a boycott it's just how things are sometimes...

Best wishes.