iPhone's app close in syncing process

I’m using Joplin with Nextcloud in:

  • macOS (terminal and app)
  • manjaro (terminal and app)
  • iPad.

In this three systems everything works great. I would like to install Joplin in my iPhone. But the app closes in the sync process.

The current version of iOS I’m using is 12.1, the current version of iOS Joplin in my iPhone is 10.0.26.

Iphone’s log:

Iphone’s status:

Manjaro’s desktop status:

Could anyone help me to install Joplin in the iPhone?


it looks like the nextcloud server is the bottleneck ?
what say the log of the server ?

How can I access the log of the server?

I don't know :smiley:
As you spoke about nextcloud I imagined that you knew how to use it and manage it and found "logs".

Joplin’s new version to iOS solved that problem.