Is editing possible in the WYSYWYG pane?

I'm brand new to Joplin and there's something basic that I don't understand about the desktop app. There seem to be two panes in the note editor: a Markdown pane and a WYSYWYG pane, and I can toggle between seeing one pane or the other pane or both panes side-by-side. But it seems that the WYSYWYG pane does not support editing - is that correct? Like, I can't click into the WYSYWYG pane in order to edit the content. Am I missing something?

It might be helpful to point out that I'm interested in seeing just one pane, and I'm also interested in clickable hyperlinks. But as far as I can tell, only the Markdown pane is editable, and only the WYSYWYG pane has clickable links. Also, FWIW, I don't consider the option of opening notes with an external editor to be a good solution, since this just complicates the workflow.

I'm using Version 2.12.18 on Windows. Thank you for your help.

@velocitybucket welcome to the forum.

Joplin has two note editors; a Markdown editor and a Rich-text (WYSIWYG) editor.

You are looking at the Markdown editor that uses a multi-pane system and one of the panes is a read-only viewer of the Markdown code.

If you press the button as shown in the picture you will change to the single-pane, all-in-one Rich-text editor. Note that in this editor it is CTRL+Click to follow a hyperlink.

The other button next to it that shows M🡇 will take you back to the Markdown editor.

Aha! Thank you very much, @dpoulton!

It would be fantastic if Joplin changed the desktop UI. A good suggestion was published some days ago by user "mjourdan" in the theme "Desktop UI review". A suggested solution is much more transparent. It is a fact that many users have problems with understanding different editors/viewers in Joplin.


Here the link : Desktop UI review

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