iPhone and ipad markdown keyboard - beta testing available

Motivated by Joplin iphone app not having markdown shortcuts in the editor, I wrote an iOS system keyboard to help make writing markdown in any app easier.


  • toolbar buttons to help you write markdown easily.
  • Auto-format and auto-indent in bullet and number lists.
  • Autocorrect suggestions.
  • space drag to change cursor position.
  • Use share button in browser to copy link as markdown.
  • Support iPhone and iPad.
  • Use in any app!

I want to do more beta testing before publishing. Please send me a message if you are willing to try it out!


Hi there. I like to try this out.please.
I tend to use table formatting as well, not sure if there is anything in that regard that could be included?
In-line code block

Thanks for your interest!
I just published it.

Lucid Markdown Keyboard

I plan to add table formatting in a later version.
Any feedback is appreciated!

First impressions are very positive. I have one highly requested feature- offer the coveted (yet missing) number row in toggle with the MD shortcuts. In other words, show one at all times.

Want to understand the idea more. Do you mean showing a separate number row (say) under the markdown row that can be shown/hidden by a toggle? Or Add shortcut to numbers in the markdown row?

I’m thinking the “MD” button you have already for markdown row off/on can serve as a toggle between the two. Not adding another row but toggling between a number row and markdown row

Hey andrewon , just following up to see it any progress has been made?

Hey, I think this is a special use case. What I will do is to make the toolbar customizable so that user can create a layout like you described.

Hi, not sure I agree that it fits the “special use case” as the lack of a standard number row always present in the stock keyboard is a well established complaint of many users on iPhone. I believe that by providing this, it would set your keyboard out beyond others because of the integrated MD and number row :slight_smile:

You may have a point. :slight_smile: You if send me your email address I can add you as tester for this new feature.


The killer feature I would need it a Tab key to give a list more sub categories.
I tries ti use “increase ident” but nothing happens...

Any ideas?

Best Tobias

Sorry for the late reply.

  1. Tab key was added a few months back.
  2. Increase/decrease indent is for list. Will add the later to work without list.