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iOS Share Extension

Stumbled upon Joplin today and wow. Looks like I’ve finally found my replacement for Simplenote. :100: I’d almost forgotten how handy it is to include images with my notes!

While it does pretty much everything I need already, I was curious if there’s a snare extension in the works? Sure I can copy/paste URLs just fine, but I’m lazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also one small suggestion. I fat finger my passwords all the time, so having a confirm password field when I’m enabling encryption (I did this in the iOS app) would make me feel safer. :grinning:


At the moment, it’s not possible to share data with the app but it is planned for both the iOS And Android app.

Yes indeed it would be better to have a “repeat password” field since a mistake can be hard to rectify once all the notes have been encrypted. I’m going to add this to a GitHub issue.

It’s something that misses me too. I read a lot on mobile and once spotted an interesting article I need to grab it for reading later/or keep it. But I don’t want pocket or others project like that. :slight_smile:

there are always solutions but without simplicity like the native mobile functionality “share”


Unfortunately this is a show stopper for me. I share files to Onenote all the time. Joplin would make a good OSS replacement for Onenote but not if I can’t send files to it without a complex multi step process…

The reason why it doesn’t work on iOS is that the react-native share plugin has a problem on iOS. This is also the reason, why the functionality has never been added to Joplin on iOS. It was added for Android, because the plugin works for Android. This is an upstream issue. So unless they fix the problem, it cannot work in Joplin.
Believe me, we are all waiting (including @laurent) that they fix the issue.

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So what makes it different from other apps that can add themselves to the Share menu - Notability, Gladys, IThoughts, OneNote, Evernote etc ? Not being argumentative, just genuinely curious.

So what makes it different from other apps that can add themselves to the Share menu - Notability, Gladys, IThoughts, OneNote, Evernote etc ? Not being argumentative, just genuinely curious.

You’re comparing multi-billions businesses to an open source project that’s developed in people’s spare time…

Most of these apps (if not all) are not dependent on a react-native plugin for sharing, but use native components.

OK. Sorry, I am a gear head, not a programmer. So does it mean that Joplin code is ported to iOS and is relying on different software components than the apps writing in iOS native code from the start ?

A I said, I am just trying to understand the situation, not make some outrageous demands.

As it stands, the lack of share functionality is probably the single biggest hurdle to Joplin being wider adapted on iOS. It just takes too many steps to send anything to it.

Joplin is a react-native application, which means it’s written in javascript and runs on different platforms. However, to make use of certain platform specific things (like the ‘share with/to’ functionality) there are plugins that use glue code (in js) to access native functions (using Objective-C or Swift for iOS, Java for Android).

It’s been a while… Are there any news on the topic?

From the IOS side unfortunately there’s been no progress. The library Joplin was using for sharing is broken on the recent versions of react-native, so if someone wanted to implement this feature, it would basically be from scratch.

I did some research in the internet about how to clip articles on iOS, privacy friendly. First of all: Thank you for your great work! I was following discussions on this project for some time. I would appreciate the iOS share Extension für joplin, too. I am not a programmer. But I can share some thougths though:

  1. @laurent @tessus What about taking advantage of the efforts of another great open source projekt like Wallabag iOS App? As it is open source the source code (MIT Licence) is available on github so maybe one does not have to create everything from the scratch. Maybe the maintainer of the project (Nicolas Lœuillet) is willing to help you to clip the relevant code passage in SWIFT and import it to Joplin extension.
  2. Maybe the code also contains a solution approach to add webclipping feature to the iOS share extension.
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i have made just simle shortcut workflow which copy shard item/text to clipboard then it opens Joplin… its not best solution but it simplify sharing sith Joplinnapp

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@EmVee381 Would you like to share your workaround here so we can try to establish it on our mobiles, too? I would like to give it a try!


If anyone is familiar with iOS development then I suppose a proper sharing extension should not be too hard to implement. I’ve done it for android here: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/pull/2870 (pending review). The common react-native part is more or less done, the only thing left is the iOS side of things.

There’s two major issues that prevent me from using Joplin as Onenote replacement. Both are iOS related (I could use Linux side today).

First, no Share functionality.
Second, no print or export (other than plaintext). My phone is a device that’s always with me and that’s where I am going to be sending stuff from to other people most of the time. Not being able to send anything other than plaintext is extremely limiting.

First of all: Thank you for your great work! :clap:

Any plans to add the iOS Share Extension? I like the app but for me is a show stopper…

I’d really like to go all-in on Joplin, but a share extension is vital for any notes app, and the absence of it in Joplin’s iOS app is a bit of a dealbreaker

Sharing links, images, and text to Joplin should be as easy on iOS as it is on desktop platforms with the web clipper.

Same here. I love Joplin and choose it as my main tool for storing content. Now i switched from Android to ios and have a relatively huge problem, as it is impossible to clip content fast on mobile. Any kind of info regarding if we can expect this feature in the near future would be appreciated.