Document Scanning

I haven’t been able to find anything about this in either the github issues or here in the forum.

Have there been any discussions about implementing a document scanner/existing scanner apps that can easily share to Joplin?

I’d love to try to work on this, although i haven’t really done any mobile app development before.

I have a rough idea of what a document scanner needs to do, although I’ve never done any Android/iOS development


By Document Scanner you mean something like this? I like the idea as it provides an elegant way to include hand-written notes. Could even be paired with OCR to make it searchable.
However, I think this goes way beyond the scope of Joplin. Even if it could be implemented with relative ease (which I don’t think is the case here) it would be yet another big feature to maintain. What’s more is the fact that compared to other note-taking applications like Evernote or OneNote, Joplin is relatively lightweight which I’m sure is one of the reasons why lot’s of users went with Joplin in the first place.

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Ah, yeah, that seems perfect. Since that already exists, It would probably work to be able to share images to joplin. I’ll see if there are any threads about that topic (sharing images to joplin)