iPhone alarm failure

Alarm doesn”t work on iPhone or iPad or Win10. I set the alarm, but nothing happens. Is there not a noice Signal or Message reminder? How does the alarm work?

It should display a bubble of Joplin in status bar I guess.

AI tested it again, nothing happens unfortunately. It will be a great function if it works.

You can have a look at the issue https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/321 if you meet this behaviour too

This is about Android, but I have Apple and Windows10. Doesn’t work for win10 and iOS iphone, iPad.

Hi. I’d been trying this on iPhone and iPad, have not yet on Mojave. Of course it makes sense the alarm menu is only available on ToDo. I get a calendar time rolled, but there is no way to save the date/time selection. However, just once I managed to save the time but I have no idea what I tapped on to make it happened. Saving a screenshot here would help you out, there is no save, or done button to save the selected time.