Increase font size in iPad app


Version number 12.8.1 on iPad 7th generation running iPadOS 15.6.

When I increase the text size under Settings >> Display & Brightness, the size of the text in the body of the notes does not change.

When I increase the text size under Settings >> Accessibility >> Display & Text Size >> Larger Accessibility Sizes, the size of the text in the body of the notes does not change.

In other words, the body text size does not respond to attempts to increase it within the iPad settings.

The iPad shows the following…

“Apps that support Dynamic Type will adjust to your preferred reading size above.”

I really need to increase the body size. It’s not usable for me otherwise. I’m not having this problem with the Android phone app or the desktop app.

Yes, I know I can zoom in but the text does not flow and one has to scroll back and forth. Is there any way to increase the size of the body of the notes in the iPad app.

Thank you.

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As an addendum let me say that increasing the text size via the iPad controls DOES change the size of the Joplin note’s TITLE but not the BODY…

Adding the following to the start/end of a note could help:

body {
  font: -apple-system-body;


This should probably be a part of Joplin's built-in CSS... I've only tested this on iOS/the desktop app (so it's possible this breaks things on Android).

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Well guess what?

It works.

Thank you.

Any way to append that automatically to 2,000 notes already saved?

Any way to make it part of a template for all new notes going forward?

Might there be a plugin that allows me to append this style css to the end of every saved note?

Is there a way to edit the master template retroactively so that changes will flow backwards to all saved notes?

Tried using the templates plugin both with a template tag and a template in a notebook called templates… either way the additional CSS style doesn’t seem to carry over to the new note that is called up after saving the template.


Any way to edit the existing template for New Note to add the CSS style?

Absolutely! These seemingly little things concerning screen design can have a huge impact. Interestingly, Evernote seems to react in the same way as Joplin: Dynamic text is only available on Android, not on iOS, where increasing system font size only affects note titles, not note bodies. When I was still an Evernote user, I submitted a feature request, but developers were busy (and still are) turning Evernote into a full-fledged task management app and didn't care for usability issues.

So please make this a built-in part of the iOS app!

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Any way to make it part of a template for all new notes going forward?

Not that I'm aware of... I consider this a bug, however, and plan on submitting a fix soon (so expect a fix in a future release!)

You can, however, make it easier to type: See this article on snippets using the built-in iOS keyboard.

Pull request: Mobile/iOS: Resolves #6685: Respect system accessibility font size in rendered markdown by personalizedrefrigerator · Pull Request #6686 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub
Relevant issue: Mobile: iOS/Accessibility: Note content does not respect system font scale · Issue #6685 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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The pull request has been merged!!! Expect this issue to be fixed in a future version of Joplin!

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