Editor size preference setting

I find the text size of the Mac and iPad editors a bit small for comfort. For speaking notes especially.

Is there a preference setting somewhere that I have missed, or could a preference be added?

From the joplin desktop try the menu “Tools > General options” change the value of the field “Global zoom percentage”.
After having changed the value do “apply” / “ok” / restart the app

A bit crude but it works on MacOS.

And for iOS? How would I increase the text/rendering size there?

Thanks for help so far.

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I play with size font of the mobile itself but that will increase the size of every app. I think it’s not possible to use that setting on the mobile in joplin itself.

Dynamic Type in iOS makes a small difference to the size of the headings but no difference to the size of the actual text. Use of the app is restricted for me (I have good eyesight).

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