iOS Development and Roadmap?

Just curious if there are any plans for improvements on iOS. Is there a development roadmap or anything of the sort? I love Joplin desktop, but the iOS version needs major help. I find myself doing all of my editing in Obsidian because their editor is excellent (but no webdav sync), then copying and pasting into Joplin. Obviously this isn't ideal. :upside_down_face:


Have you tried beta editor released recently? It's got pretty good performance improvement

I've tried the beta editor. It's definitely improved some, but it's still a little wonky and still no where near having the features of something like Obsidian. I don't get checklist autocompletion, there are no shortcut buttons, syntax highlighting etc. It also looks funny in dark mode. It still has a white border around everything.

Yes that's features i'd like to add. In which way is it wonky otherwise? Was there a bug or something not quite working?

Well this is what it looks like for me. I often get this giant chunk of whitespace between the keyboard and the editor.

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This doesn't seem to happen on Android (although as you move the keyboard up or down you get flashes of white) however I can replicate this white box on iOS. It specifically happens in the beta editor and not the original.

I also noticed that the keyboard is always the "light mode" grey version regardless of the iOS theme setting. If you enable dark mode and open a text field in other applications you get the dark keyboard, Joplin always opens a light version. This is also specific to the beta editor and not the regular one which uses the correct iOS theme setting.

12.5.3 - Beta editor
iOS 15.1 (iPhone SE)

I second the chunky white blocks issue.

Also sometimes switching back into Joplin from home screen, while the beta editor is open, will often display a blank page.

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