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iOS Development and Roadmap?

Just curious if there are any plans for improvements on iOS. Is there a development roadmap or anything of the sort? I love Joplin desktop, but the iOS version needs major help. I find myself doing all of my editing in Obsidian because their editor is excellent (but no webdav sync), then copying and pasting into Joplin. Obviously this isn't ideal. :upside_down_face:

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Have you tried beta editor released recently? It's got pretty good performance improvement

I've tried the beta editor. It's definitely improved some, but it's still a little wonky and still no where near having the features of something like Obsidian. I don't get checklist autocompletion, there are no shortcut buttons, syntax highlighting etc. It also looks funny in dark mode. It still has a white border around everything.

Yes that's features i'd like to add. In which way is it wonky otherwise? Was there a bug or something not quite working?

Well this is what it looks like for me. I often get this giant chunk of whitespace between the keyboard and the editor.

This doesn't seem to happen on Android (although as you move the keyboard up or down you get flashes of white) however I can replicate this white box on iOS. It specifically happens in the beta editor and not the original.

I also noticed that the keyboard is always the "light mode" grey version regardless of the iOS theme setting. If you enable dark mode and open a text field in other applications you get the dark keyboard, Joplin always opens a light version. This is also specific to the beta editor and not the regular one which uses the correct iOS theme setting.

12.5.3 - Beta editor
iOS 15.1 (iPhone SE)