iOS can’t paste url, have to delete “h” from http first

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What issue do you have?

For several months at least I haven’t been able to paste http/https addresses into a Joplin note with the default iOS editor. Hitting the “paste” popover just does nothing. If I go back and copy the url except don’t include the “h” of http, I can then paste that string into joplin, and manually add the “h” back to make a proper URL.

Joplin on iOS/Android uses CodeMirror 6 as its markdown editor.

This seems to be a bug in CodeMirror 6 — I can reproduce this in the editor on their website by trying to paste a link copied using the "link" button on this forum.

This only seems to happen with some http/https links though. So far, links copied from the address bar in Safari seem to work.

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