IOS and android excluded after update to beta version on desktop

Hi, after upgrading my desktop to the newest beta version yesterday, my mobile clients (iOS and Android) can’t sync with the database (on Dropbox) anymore. I have successfully shut myself out. How can I solve this issue?

Do you have installd a pre-release?

1.0.235, indeed. Too bad. How long will it take for the smartphone versions to catch up?

Also, your Screenshot mentions an Android version 1.0.337. Where can I get that? With that version, things should work. I curreehave 1.0.336 which is the latest version available in the Playstore

For Android you can download the pre-release from GitHub.

You saved my day. Thanks

May I ask a follow-up question: when would a pre-release for iOS be available? (I have a second phone that is an iPhone). Thanks!

No ETA but the last bug to fix is this one: Once it’s fixed I’ll release all versions including iOS.

Back to working on Android now. Thanks.
One feedback on the markdown preview beta: opted out because of two reasons:
(1) Having two panes on one screen was not practical (they are just too small, even on a Samsung S10 Plus)
(2) Cursor behaved strange and “nervous”, not precise, produced a lot of errors
Best, Manfred