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Is this the correct template for a development question (see screenshot below)?

I had a development related question of: The new iOS version has not yet been published to the App Store. Is there a sort of “prerelease” version for iOS? For example, v12.14.1 was released on 12/29/2023 but is not currently on the App Store.

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Joplin uses Testflight for iOS pre-releases (see link below):

Thanks for the reply. Would it make sense to denote these iOS prereleases as such on the release notes?

For example, the desktop release notes says "(Pre-release)".

Would anyone be able to confirm if there is any data loss when installing the prerelease version?


If you have sync set up properly, you should be fine. That is just a generic IOS warning you that you are reinstalling an app, which might overwrite app data stored in IOS.

Ensure Joplin on your IOS device is synching to cloud/webdav/etc and do a backup from your windows/mac/Linux instance of Joplin. Then you would have nothing to worry about, other than maybe retyping credentials in the mobile app

Maybe we could get confirmation that reinstalling the app doesn’t erase your notes?

I currently don’t have any backups setup or syncing on my phone (other than a full iPhone backup), so it would be ideal to know what the impact of updating is.