Introduction <sanchit>

Hello ! to the developers community of Joplin.
I am Sanchit, sophomore at the Cluster Innovation center ( Delhi University) pursuing my Bachelors in IT and MI ( Information technology and Mathematical Inovation ).
It would be my pleasure to work this summer with mentors and the Joplin community.
I have good experience working with Javascript and Node.js ! and since the last 4 months I have been working on OCR with OpenCv and tesseract for my Startup and I will be delighted to work on the Idea of OCR for the Joplin community .
I am attaching a little bit of work that I have done and hoping that mentors can guide me what next to do and how…

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Welcome to the community
have you read the quick start in the live blog?

Looking forward to your first fix

Yes, I have read quick start and will be starting soon for the fix.

Great, thank you
Good luck