Hello All !!

Myself Bhuvan U Kadlas from India. I am pursuing my 2nd year in Computer Science and Engineering

HTML5, CSS, JS, React, and Go are all skills I have.

In the year 2020, I was introduced to Open Source through the Google Code In program. Google Code In was an event in which I took part.

I've read Joplin's Contributor Guidance and Ideas.
I found these Ideas most appropriate and useful to me.
2. Seamless desktop application update
3. Refactor the project documentation

In GSoC 2022, I am excited to contribute to these ideas, and soon write a draft proposal for that.

I'm getting a handle on the codebase and searching for an issue to work on.

My GitHub ID : bhuvan2002

Thank You

Hi there,
may I ask if there is a particular reason, why haven't done a PR yet but submitted a proposal?

thx&good luck

Hi @PackElend

I was working on several bugs but, I got hurt in late April, and it hurt my hand (ligament tear in my hand), so I couldn't work. I had semister end examinations until the middle of April. I have a good understanding of the Joplin code base and will make sure that pr is committed. I'll make sure that these kinds of justifications don't come up again. If you give me a week, I'll be back and active, and I'll do some PR.

I am also working on the project which I have choosen for GSoC. I had contacted few members and discussed about the project and working on it.

Thanks for you time

hey there, thx for the answer but well-being first. make sure you recover well than come back to work