Introducing vishal

Hi there,Currently I am pursuing for Computer Science 2nd year. I have experience in Redux, React, HTML, JS ES2015 ES2017 and new JS libraries.
I have read all your provided information about contributing.
Please help me to setup local environment for development.

Hi @vishal, welcome!

Setting up a the Joplin dev environment is one of the basic skills that we expect from a successful GSoC candidate, and therefore we try to avoid walking students through step by step.
That said, there is a Build document that includes everything you should need to get set up. Of you run into any errors, please search the forum for a solution before posting asking for help

Good luck!

Thanks for giving me a way to take first step.

Really? The document on how to build Joplin is the 8th link in the GSoC Guide.

And in 3rd paragraph it says:

Most IMPORTANT, read this page carefully, line by line. We don't want to quote pharagraphs from this page answering question in the forum.