Introducing Padia Rashesh

I am currently pursuing BTech CSE from India. Currently learning nodejs :slight_smile: I installed joplin recently and I liked it. Looking forward to solve some issues on github
Github id - Rash419

I have built hello world plugin but while installing I cannot find Configuration option in joplin as mentioned in

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you can find the configuration option in Tools>options>Plugins>Show Advanced settings and in the development plugins write the path to the folder containing your plugin.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks :slight_smile: but when I do changes in plugin it doesnot show its affect in joplin app . I tried restarting joplin but still it is not getting updated :frowning:

try running npm run dist in the root directory of the plugin after making any changes to the plugin code and it should refresh

oh yeah thanks :slight_smile: