Introducing marlsen

Hi, I am Arunabh Banerjee, an undergraduate student of Computer Science at RCET, India.

I have experience working and building projects with Typescript, ReactJS, NodeJS and databases like PostgreSQL and MongoDB. I am eager to learn and contribute to the open-source community. I have already created a pull request for an issue and also looking into other issues to try to understand and make contributions that improve the app.

Thank you.


The PR - Desktop: Resolves #9980: Support Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Enter on MacOS) by cagnusmarlsen · Pull Request #10003 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

A quick summary of the work I've done over the past month -

Desktop: Fixes #10182: Detailed note list doesn't follow preferred date and time formats by cagnusmarlsen · Pull Request #10204 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub (open)

I am working on my GSoC proposal and will submit a draft soon.

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