Introducing mirchandani-mohnish

I am Mohnish Mirchandani, a computer science developer and student from India. I have been using Joplin since the past six months or so for notetaking in various courses.

I am currently profecient in MERN stack development and I am in the process of learning electron, ci/cd and docker. Recently, I have also worked with docusaurus to set-up a structured documentation website. I am truly excited to become a part of this vibrant community.

You can check out my portfolio and online presence here:

I am familiar with the rules and have gone through the project list for GSOC 2022. I have also built joplin from source.

Thank you.


Hi there,
Welcome to the community.
Would you mind sharing which bug you are going to work / you are working on?

thx & good luck

I have been scouraging the repositories for bugs. I will surely update the bug that I am working on over here.

Sorry for the late reply, I had my Mid-semester examinations last week.

Thanks and Regards,

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I have found a bug but I feel that I might need some guidance with respect to fixing it. Could someone help me.

This is the bug.

Thank You,

This is very vague, do you have any specific questions?

I only meant to ask whether this kind of back and forth would be ok with the community on this thread. I don't mean to spam the community forum with something that could be potentially unusable.

I am truly grateful for your help.
Thank You,

It may be better to ask questions related to a particular issue in comments on Github

Please excuse the informal nature of this reply if possible.

Its kind of like this, I am new to open source and am currently learning. I feel confident that I can become a long term contributer for joplin because it partially lies in my comfort zone and I have extensively used the application in both its forms.

I need guidance with my first bug wherein I would sort of think out loud (by commenting on this thread) and would be grateful if I could be corrected wherever I am wrong.

For eg. In the above posted issue. I have started off by trying to trace the bug. I started doing so by tracing the function which handles the list. It seems that the gui folder in the desktop package houses one part of this, but I am unable to figure out where the other part would be.

I would be giving this another try but would be grateful for any help.

Thank you,

Joplin uses TinyMCE for the rich text editor, maybe this will help.

So now that the bug is on a bit of standstill, do we wait for tinyMCE to respond and fix the bug?

I am truly grateful to @roman_r_m for helping me out with the bug. Thank you.

Yes, there's not much else we can do here. (Unless you want to fix it and submit a PR to TinyMCE.)

Try some other issue from the repo.

Hi there,
you are doing?
Are you getting along well as the serious phase is about to start?
Any help required on how to read Joplin's codebase and how to fix an issue easily?

good luck

Thanks for asking. I feel that I would be honored to work with joplin if I am given an opportunity and if I am a worthy pick. I will submit a proposal within the next two days. I just wanted to discuss a few things here.

I am confident that I should be able to contribute something of value in this project idea:

I would like to discuss a few things such as the tools I can use and how I would like to go about the project. Am I at liberty to do so on the discourse. I would basically like to outline what I think could be helpful for the project.

I have some experience with documentation since I have worked with docusaurus and have voluntarily worked for Stepwell (our college internet radio) and helped maintain its documentation.
Once again, I truly appreciate the help.


The main targets for the project is that it should be able to work with plain markdown files like we currently do, any scripting to build the website from the docs should be done with typescript and CI should be accomplished using GitHub actions. Beyond that the choice of frameworks and technologies is really up to you - the main part of this project will be the refactoring itself and the integration.

On another note I don't think we have seen any activity from you in regards to bug fixes or code PRs, I assume you are still planning to do this?

I am sorry I was dormant for the past two weeks or so. I will try to solve a bug but I might fail to before the deadline. That said, I would still like to submit a proposal or atleast discuss some specifics with the community, since I feel they could be of value with respect to the said project.

That being said, if I am unable to solve a bug, would you prefer that I not submit a proposal at all? I genuinly ask this since I do not want to burden the community. I however promise to contribute regardless of whether I am allowed to apply for GSOC 2022 or not.

With respect to the project, off the top of my head, I had docusaurus in mind for the base website structure. It is a react based framework which enables you to add docs in markdown itself. That along with github actions for spell-checking and some other tests should be a great way to start.


One of the other mentors can correct me if I'm wrong but you can provide a submission but without demonstration of your abilities and your engagement with us then your chances could be fairly low.

For example if we had 5 potential contributors 3 of whom submitted good quality PRs thus showing their skills and response to comments and we are only granted 3 slots by Google then it is fairly clear that we would be going with those 3 and simply dropping the project ideas they aren't involved with.

If the proposal is exceptional then you might still be in with a chance but there is a reason we put such a strong emphasis on skill demonstration and contributions early on.

So would it be ok if I put in whatever I have prepared in a new thread over the discourse just in case it can help someone else?

I would then contribute regardless of GSOC.

Would it be ok if I ask for help over this thread only?

Thanks and Regards,

that is alright

you can indicate that you need help but we would prefer going through #development as that is the place where all dev's meet

Hi there,
is there any particular reason why you haven't worked on an issue yet (I don't see a PR) ?.

Wondering if you are going to submit a proposal as you have already worked with Docusaurus