Introducing Abdelrrahman Elhaddad

Hi everyone! :blush:

I'm Abdelrrahman Elhaddad from Egypt. I am a fresh graduate from Menoufia University. I'm excited about the opportunity to join Joplin for GSoC, Despite the fact that I'm not new to the open-source community, this would be my first time participating at GSoC!

I am currently working as a backend developer and maintaining some open-source projects in my spare time. My skillset includes typescript, node.js, express, sql, MongoDB, AWS, Docker, CI/CD, unit testing, react, next.js, and electron.

I'm currently interested in these two projects, as I think my skillset would be suitable for them:

  • Plugin inspector
  • Multiple editors open at once

At the moment, I am exploring the codebase and tackling some issues. Can't wait to make my first PR at Joplin! :grin:

My GitHub account