Introducing mak2002

Hello, I am Mayank Bondre, 2nd year Computer Science student at DIETMS College. I have prior knowledge of ReactJS, CSS, NodeJS, JavaScript/TypeScript.

As you might know currently I am woking on Plugin Category issue. I have wrote 2 plugins for Joplin so far. First is Remove Images and second one is Keyboard Shortcut for font size(in development).

I am interested in 'Default plugins on desktop application' project. Very excited to discuss this idea with you guys!

My GitHub Account -

[Also I noticed that when creating a new topic in this GSOC category, the link in template is still pointing to GSOC 2021 page instead of new one]


Hi there,
Welcome to the GSoC good to know that are you going to stay with us :slight_smile:

thx for letting us know
@moderators can you fix this?

thx & good luck

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Hi there,
just would like to know how do you get along with contributing.
Anything I could help with (if aI can)?

good luck

Hi PackElend, thanks for asking.

I am having a pretty good time contributing. The PR I said I was working on is almost good to merge.

I have started working on the second part of this issue i.e. adding filter for plugins on desktop. Discussion for that can be found here. I will soon make a PR for it.

I have updated font-size-shortcut plugin which I hope to publish soon.

If I need any help, I will let you know.


Hi there,
how is it going?
Are you preparing a proposal?


Hey PackElend, I am working on my proposal and will post my draft today or tomorrow. I hope I am not too late.

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Hey @PackElend, I have submitted my first draft proposal for GSOC! Looking forward to the suggestions.

Just saw that my GSOC proposal got accepted!

Thank you to all the mentors and the community for being supportive all along. I will give my best to implement this project :smile:.