Introducing KarthiDreamr

Hello, Joplin Community! :wave:

I'm Karthi, an experienced developer with a knack for creating robust Mobile and Desktop applications. My daily drivers are Fedora and Windows, which equip me with a versatile perspective on cross-platform compatibility. :desktop_computer::briefcase:

Although my journey hasn't taken me through native iOS and MacOS development yet, I'm a quick learner and a problem-solver at heart, always eager to dive into new technologies to solve real-world problems. :hammer_and_wrench::calling:

As a user enjoying Joplin, synced seamlessly with OneDrive, I've found it to be a superior alternative to OneNote and Obsidian, for its unmatched cross-platform sync, rich features and commitment to being open-source. :notebook_with_decorative_cover::gear:

I'm thrilled at the opportunity to contribute to the Joplin community and collaborate with like-minded developers. To know more about me and my projects in production, visit

Let's make an impact together!