Introducing Siddharth

Hello! This is Siddharth Chinamuthevi , an undergraduate in Information technology at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India. I started using Joplin recently and I find it really useful and interesting. I admire the clean and user-friendly UI of Joplin.

Its been a week since I switched to Joplin, and I have to say, I've enjoyed every bit of using it, with my growing affinity towards Joplin and as I have been using note-taking apps for years now, how could I not use this opportunity to help contribute to it!

As a part of GSOC, I would like to work on Kanban Plugin and so trying to get myself familiarize with it. It's interesting to work on this plugin. I've come across notes taking applications like Evernote and then got to know about Joplin and the kanban plugin. and now I would like to develop a few features using the kanban plugin in joplin.
My idea is to make an application like Joplin by making use of kanban in which every organization can make use of it and multiple users can have access to it at the same time. So with the help and Javascript and front end language like react, I thought of creating new features such as to-do lists and progress tracking, where users can create separate cards for different projects and their individual tasks. along with them a progress timeline of these tasks that can be monitored and assessed by multiple users.

For this, I'm looking forward to @CalebJohn and @laurent for some suggestion on which areas I should focus apart from what is given in the documentation.

Hi @Siddharth_06 welcome to the Joplin community.

We don't have any suggestions beyond what is mentioned in the Joplin Guide. Please make sure to read it in detail and let us know if you have any specific questions.