Introducing Joseph

Hello Everyone. My name is Joseph Adewunmi. Computer Science student from the Federal University of Technology, Akure,NIgeria

I have been in the tech space for a relatively short amount of time but in that little time, I have worked as both a frontend and backend developer with the ability to work with technologies and frameworks such as react, node, express, Nestjs, and others. I have an eye for design but prefer tackling problems at the backend

I do have very little experience contributing to open source.

I came across Joplin when I switched from Windows to Ubuntu and I seriously needed to take notes of a project I was working on. The intuitive user interface, speed, and the fact that it was open source drew it close to my heart.

I want to contribute to this year's GSoC as a way of appreciating and contributing back to the software that made my life easier and better.

I would ensure that the project I work on is well maintained by trying my best to follow the best software practices by implementing reusability, testing, and avoiding repetition

my github username is Adedejiosvaldo

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