Hi my name is vasu tiwari . I want to contribute to your organization but I have a query,
as mentioned in joplin/ at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub ' The Joplin source code is hosted on a monorepo managed by Lerna.' but I can't find the source code so for now I've just forked Joplin GitHub repository and trying to find good issues to solve. I hope I can make myself be useful for your organization Thank you.

Welcome @vasut

The source code is on GitHub. If you have forked the project, then you have the source code.

Thanks for replying. If the source code is on Github why does joplin/ at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub says something else? Anyways since you said that there wouldn't be any problem

Monorepo is the word for a project like Joplin that is made up of smaller packages that are all kept together. Lerna is the tool locally used to make these packages work together.

Hello everyone, I am Priyaraj, a third-year student of GGSIPU, New Delhi. I am looking forward to contributing to Joplin. I wish to learn a lot from this and hopefully contribute for a long period of time. I am interested in the idea " Real-time collaboration on a note".

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Hello everyone, I am Elegbede Azeez, a second-year student of Lagos State University, Lagos Nigeria. I am super excited to contributing to Joplin and I am looking forward to meeting more of Joplin open source developers and getting engage in Joplin as an open source developer. I'm also looking forward to becoming a long period of time contributor at Joplin.

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