Introducing HaHaBill

Hi everyone!

This is HaHaBill. My real name is Ton Hoang Nguyen. However, you can call me Bill! I am based in London and I am planning to do my master's in Fall 2024. I am looking forward to participating in GSoC for Joplin!

In October last year, I participated in Hacktoberfest, contributing to MindsDB (YC20) and eventually becoming one of the winners. That experience deepened my love for open-source. I am excited to continue my open-source journey by participating in GSoC and contributing to Joplin!

I am interested in project ideas for implementing new plugins and improving features such as "Improve PDF export" and "OCR Plugin".

I have finished reading the docs and rules. I will familiarize myself with the codebase and pick up some issues. See you on GitHub, and I can't wait to meet you all!

This is my GitHub page: HahaBill (Ton Hoang Nguyen (Bill)) · GitHub


Hi HaHaBill, welcome here! The idea list has recently been updated and these two ideas unfortunately have been removed, but others are still available and you can also suggest your own ideas.

The idea list has recently been updated and these two ideas unfortunately have been removed.

At the time of this writing, the GSoC documentation on Joplin's website is outdated (though that should be fixed after the website rebuilds!). Please see the Joplin GSoC GitHub repository for up-to-date information.

Alright, got it! I saw that new project ideas are also exciting and fun to me. Later, I will let you know what project ideas seem most interesting to me. I saw that I can do up to 3 proposals.

Thank you for letting me know.

@PackElend label me please

Issue (#7834): Multiple variants of the same spellcheck languages in the title bar should be more specific (or merged) · Issue #7834 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub
PR: Desktop: Fixes #7834: Merged shorthand variants of spellcheck languages

I have one question. While I was working on this issue, I discovered something that could be improved. I discussed it with (at sign)personalizedrefrigerator. Should I post the bug in the Forum or create a new issue?

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better to create an issue on GH, if there is discussion about it in the forum, you can mentioned it there

thx :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer. Here's the issue that I created: Text in the spellcheck button is wrapping · Issue #9998 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I've just seen that someone has already created a PR!


Issue (#9984): Option to "Toggle own sort order" should be added to "All notes" · Issue #9984 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Hi, I created another PR for another issue!

Edit: Oh I reread the 'GSoC 2024 live blog' and I should have done (at sign)PackElend label me please on GitHub, I am sorry about that!

I was looking again at some project ideas on GitHub and I am most interested in:

  1. AI-supported summary of notes and notebooks
  2. AI-supported categorizing, tagging

I have researched some ways to implement them and thought about what and how to do them. I just need to put my thoughts on paper and create draft proposals.

Moreover, I would like to know whether I can contact the project mentors and ask them more about the details of the project ideas.

please ping me in GH directly

Since these two ideas are similar, maybe they can be part of the same proposal? And as an alternative perhaps look at a non-AI idea in case the first one is not accepted.

Just mentioning this because I feel we don't exactly know what we want here or how the final feature would look like. Maybe you can figure that out but just in case have a backup.

Also see if that AI feature can be a plugin since it will be easier for you to work on this (pull request review process is less strict for plugins).