Introducing gittysachin - Collaboration via Nextcloud

Hi @laurent,

I'm Sachin Jangid, a pre-final year student pursuing Computer Science at the University College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner. I have worked in the Software Engineering domain for more than 1 year now. I've previously worked part-time as a Remote Software Engineer at iLocalBox, a healthcare startup in California, to make software solutions for patients that can impact their lives in a very good way.
I've been an active open source contributor. I found out Joplin as a very cool and active community who's doing a great work. I would love to be a part of Joplin in the GSOC program. I’m interested in project 2, Collaboration via Nextcloud, hence I would like to contribute to it and apply for the same under GSoC.

I've used the app and built it on my machine. It's working fine. I'll try my best to solve both good-first-issues and other issues related to Joplin and Collaboration via Nextcloud project.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions :blush:.
Thank you.

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good to hear that, if necessary, @rullzer can answer question at nextcloud side as he is with Nextcloud

Thank you @PackElend. I’ll ask questions to @rullzer if I get stuck at some major point.

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Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you recently.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum.

Don’t forget to watch/subscribe to the GSoC Live Blog to stay tuned.

good luck with GSoC

Hi @PackElend,
When I tried to contribute, there was no issue available. Now there are a lot on which I can work. But for Collaboration via NextCloud Project, there are many participants who have many PRs merged than me. Actually I couldn’t make any PR. So I thought that I’ll not be able to crack GSoC in Joplin this time. Because there are many others out who made more PRs. So I thought that you’ll not accept my proposal. Now it’s already late. And I don’t think that you’ll accept my proposal.

But thanks for the Joplin community.
Please let me know your thoughts.

we chose quality over quantity, got it?

The importance of PR is only to get known, how you code, how you communicate.
Another assessment is you contribution in the forum.
If you top this with a good proposal your chances not too bad.

So draft your proposal, as described in the blog and focus on single PR what gonna highlight your skills

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Thank you so much @PackElend. I’ll start working as you described. Thanks.