GSoC 2020 Student Introduction - Collaboration via Nextcloud

Hi @laurent!
I’m Nikita, a Computer Science student at National Institute of Technology Goa. Looking forward to spending my summer doing Awesome work for Joplin under GSoC 2020. For the past couple of years I’m doing Web Development using JS technologies, and have experience with Node.js, Electron, React, PHP and API development. I’m interested in project 2, Collaboration via Nextcloud, hence would like to contribute to it and apply for the same under GSoC. :smile: Initially I will be using Joplin as a user to get familiar with it and later will dive into codebase. Let me know if you have any suggestions to jump start contributing to Joplin and Collaboration via Nextcloud project.
Cheers! :beer:

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Hi @CaptainNick,

Thanks for your interest in the project!

A good start indeed is to use the app and get a sense of what it can do and how.

Otherwise, as always a good place to start is either to check the bug label or the good first issue one on GitHub and see if there’s something you’d like to take a look at.


Cool @laurent, I’ll get started as you have suggested. I would like to work on the following issue : when I’ve got a sense of the working of the app a bit. Can you assign it to me?

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