Introducing Ethan

Hello, I'm Ethan, I'm in my fourth year at University of Oregon studying for a BS Degree in Computer Science. I only recently picked up Joplin for note taking and transferring but I am excited by the idea that I can contribute to this app that many students rely on. I have knowledge in C/C++, Java, and Python, but most recently I have honed my experience on TypeScript and React as most of my personal projects in the past year have been in TypeScript and React. I've also been looking into encryption and cybersecurity as a potential focus in Computer Science.

The ideas that seem most interesting to me is implementing native encryption on all platforms and the template insertion tool. Encryption and privacy is an attractive feature for me, as well as template insertion is very handy for me to have, and it'd be exciting to be the one to work on those features.

Looking forward to working with you!