Introducing Durrell Gemuh

Hello everyone, greetings.
I am Durrell Gemuh Abwoengmo, I am an undergraduate student studying Computer Engineering at the University of Buea, Cameroon. Will like to participate in Joplin this year, my first year for open source. Downloaded the app as I will love to contribute to the mobile app, and went through, amazing build.

Programming language of choice is JavaScript with amateur knowledge in React Native.
The first idea on the idea page, Support for multiple profiles caught my attention will like to work on that and a couple of things on the app. At the main time will start working on fixing bugs I can fix.

Look forward to learning from you all and sharing the knowledge I know.

My github account is:

Welcome to the forums. The mobile apps are always needing loving and are probably some of the hardest to get just right here. What are you looking to do?

Well after going through the appsame, the one from playstore and the one on Github, I got to say they both differ just a bit. But what I’ll like to do for the app is to work on the user interface, UI make it easier to use and presentable, noticed the one on playstore has some alignment issues, something not in the right place and all so basically, I’ll love to work on the UI of the mobile app

The UI definitely needs a lot of work on mobile and is definitely not my favorite aspect of the app, but pushing new elements to it in its current state maybe a bit harder to get going. The devs here are prioritizing a lot of the backend due to bugs and user experience problems, that the UI is taking a bit of a back seat for the time being. If you are interested in working on it, feel free to ping me, and I’ll try to guide you through what I know about it and can also kind of steer you in the direction that you’re able to go at this time with it.

If you check the Github Issue tracker for any bugs or features that are tagged as mobile and gsoc, those are up for grabs along with any open bugs that aren’t assigned yet; these have been fully approved for students to work on. I would definitely also recommend searching for any specific UI changes you’re looking for before posting a request on the forums here. The mods are cracking down on duplicate posts and I’m trying to help them keep discussions centralized as much as possible.

Definitely check this out too: GSoC 2020 live blog

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Ok, gone through GSOC 2020 live blogs, will go through again.
I will like to work on the UI make some modifications and changes for now not really adding features as I am still trying to understand the code base, given everything goes well will suggest some features in my project proposal. For now I’m trying to know my water around the code base then try to solve issues or modify features.

I’m very much interested in working on the UI, please how do I ping you like you said, so I can get directions.

You can @bedwardly-down anywhere here. I won’t be able to help with every question, since many questions could be answered by looking through the ReactJS Docs and by experimenting with the code a bit, but we’ll see on a situational basis.

Ok thanks a lot.