Introducing Dharmesh

Hello Everyone,
My name is Dharmesh . I am 21 years old and currently studying in the Third year at The Lnm institute of information technology in the computer and communication engineering branch.
I would like to participate in GSoC2020 with OCR support project .I have been doing research over this project from last 2.5 weeks.I wasn’t aware of introducing here (Sorry for that ).

I have a good experience in **ReactJS, Flask,Django,Python,Node, MongoDB, MySql, JavaScript, Python and PHP, Docker ,AWS,Data Structures and Algorithms ** and have done many projects related to them(
I have installed the project locally and submitted the proposal for the project to the mentors.

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when are we going to see pull request from you?

are we going to see any additional action of you on GitHub?

Sure sir I am working on it. I have opened two issues (2921, 2920) and soon I will making pr for them.


that was 14 days ago.
We are about applying for student slots at Google, currently we cannot consider you as a candidate due to missing PRs.
Is there something to happen?

is there anything going to happen?
You silence puts you on the OUT list currently!