Introducing Ishant

Hello Everyone,
My name is Ishant. I am 20 years old and currently studying in the second year at Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani in the computer science branch.
I am trying for GSoC2020. Due to some reasons, I am a bit late, but I will try to do my best in the time I have.
I went through all the ideas list and the suggested articles and the project I am interested in are WebClient for NextCloud. But as it has to be done from scratch, I will try to contribute to other parts of the project.
I have a good experience in React, React Native, Node, MongoDB, MySql, JavaScript, Python and PHP, and other web frameworks and have done many projects for departments and hackathons.
I am installing the project locally and will be really thankful if someone can tell if I need to do anything except fixing minor bugs.

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your probosal :slight_smile:

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Yeah :sweat_smile:

your been quite productive and he has potential as a developer we have some concerns that your idea is big for you.
Make sure that you watch the details and don’t make too many mistakes what may leads to the impression that you lack experience.

Sir, I have added all those extra features as extended part, means I will work on them if all the previous part is done and time is still remaining. And I highly believe I will be able to achieve that part in the given time. Still sir, can you please guide me exactly what part do you think I am missing, or like how many features are there in terms of that I should decrease.
Please guide me

let us wait for @rullzer feedback on your proposal.
Better you concentrate on your PRs to ensure us that your capable getting the project up and running

Sure Sir, thanks.
Sir, I have some PR’s still left to review, can you please look at them. I am working on some other issues for now. If I need to change anything in my already present PR. I can do that.

I not so deep on the code I cannot help that much.
May you review your closed or other closed PRs and try to understand why these were closed.
We don’t want to explain any detail why do this or that this or that way, you have to make your own conclusion what is necessary for the ideas you want to work on

I got your point Sir thanks, I will try to understand from my code. I don’t have any closed PR’s, only one ( where I implemented a feature to auto save notebooks just like notes ), but that was not much required by community. But I learnt from it and will continue improving my code. Thanks for all the help Sir, and sorry for so much questions and disturbance.

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what also can help, as secondary source, to explain in detail how past job/projects of you are going to help you accomplishing the GSoC goals.
By the way how is your experience with PHP?

Sir, I have added some of my recent projects which help me alot in my learning experience and their live and github links are also their. I added only those projects which are solely made by me to show that my experience and skill set.
Regarding PHP, I have done projects in PHP for my organization, I used PHP and laravel ( framework for backend to make API ) for those projects. So, I am pretty good in PHP.

where, don’t see any changes in the draft in your PM.

Sir, its there, I will quote them.

you have increased your PR quantity rapidly recently.
We haven't checked them yet but make sure that quality is good otherwise your are going to disqualify yourself, quality not necessarily quantity :wink:

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Sir, I know, its just I got the hang of the mobile codebase and also these recent PR’s are just minor edge case fixes, I am trying to solve bugs of mobile that can affect user experience. I can assure about the quality of code. Even I am eagerly waiting for laurent to review them. My PR’s increaed because I am continuously working from past 16 hrs almost, I am not compromising with my PR’s.

@laurent Sir, I need your help. Sir I fixed some bugs in Mobile app and they are also merged. But the problem is, I can’t show what I’m capable of with those bug fixes, so I thought it would be nice to add some features to increase user’s productivity, but they didn’t get merged because they were not requested. Sir I’m totally fine with those not getting merge, but sir I can’t add those in my proposal, then how can I show that I now what I’m doing and I can handle big features? Is there anything that I can do? Please help Sir.

In the end if we don’t need a feature, we’re indeed not going to merge it.

There are many open issues on GitHub as well as various ideas floating around in the forum, so the best would be to identify features that could be implemented, discuss them, and find out if they are still needed, and what would be the spec.

Even better would be looking for bug reports in GitHub, replicating them and fixing them. Even if it’s just a one line change, we’ll know that it took time to find and fix the bug and we’ll take that into account. In fact we need bug fixes more than new features.


Got your point sir, thanks. Now I’ll do exactly what you suggested. Thanks again.