Introducing Anshuman aka rimijoker

Hello everyone :wave:,

I am Anshuman Singh aka rimijoker and an undergrad studying Computer Science and Engineering at SRM IST, India. I found Joplin as I was looking around for an open source note-taking application which is available on all platforms.
As for my experience I am currently a Technical Mentor at OpenMined for the private AI series of courses and I was also a GSoC 2020 participant with OpenMined. I mainly focus on AI, but I am also well versed in JavaScript, Go, C/C++ and Python of course. I recently did a web based project to develop my JS skills and contributing to Joplin would really help me in further developing my skills.
Right now, I am trying to solve some good first issues to get familiar with the codebase. I would be really interested in the OCR plugin project using the Tesseract lib as it would really help for the users and I would personally love to see that feature in Joplin.

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