Introducing Ahmed Ashraf

Hello everyone!

I'm Ahmed, a third-year CSE student at Cairo University. I love the idea behind the open-source community and hope to get involved in big-scale open-source projects and I'm taking GSoC as a very good opportunity for that. I hope that Joplin would be my first big step in the open-source community. I built the code base and discovered some of the packages code especially the desktop package.

I choose Joplin because I found a very interesting project which is the OCR plugin. Last semester in my college, I studied an Image Processing and Computer Vision course which was the most interesting course for me in that semester. I really liked that topic and now I think of a CV-based idea for my graduation project next year.

I'm a dedicated learner, resourceful, and have well-developed coding and problem-solving skills combined with a flexible attitude to work, strong organizational skills in a variety of situations to achieve deadlines, initiative, and can work independently or as part of a team. Always eager to know and learn more. I have very good skills in Python, JS, and React. Also, I have a very good understanding of CS fundamentals and concepts like Algorithms, Data Structures, OOP, and Design Patterns.

Currently, I'm discovering the Joplin codebase to get familiar with it and I will discover the bug list trying to submit a pull request before the GSoC application period starts.

Make sure to check my Github : aashrafh
Also, Make sure to check my project for the Image Processing and Computer Vision course which is quite similar to the required OCR plugin: Mozart