Introducing Aman

It's great to be here in a community of great developers and Mentors of Joplin.

I am Aman. I am a Full Stack Enthusiast mainly MERN Stack. I have a great love to develop apps using React.

I have experience with React, React-Native, React-Electron and absolutely JavaScript :).

I am currently in my 2nd year of Computer Science Engineering from NSIT, Bihta. (India).

Here's my Github Profile : Lord-Aman (Aman) · GitHub

I am a bit familiar with OSS. I have also created a Pull Request today which got merged :).

As I am new to Joplin, it will be great if somebody can help me with How Can I start to explore the Codebase. I tried on my own but turns out that I got confused.

Also, I have a doubt... Is it necessary to have a good knowledge of TypeScript, or JavaScript will work.

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This might be useful General Guide For Exploring Large Open Source Codebases

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Thanks for the article, it is a great help for me @roman_r_m. One more thing I wanted to ask you, Is it important to know TypeScript if I want to Contribute in Code, or JavaScript will work...

It is. All new code should be in TypeScript with type annotations when possible.
Good news is you don't need to learn all the details of TypeScript, so it should not be too hard to learn enough to contribute.

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