Introducing aman-d-1-n-only

Hello Everyone
Myself Aman Chauhan, 2nd-year Computer Science and Engineering Student at National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur [ India ].
It is almost going to be a one and half years since I am doing web development. I have experience in developing web applications both SPA and MPA using Node.js, Express, React.js, MongoDB. Now I am eager to use my knowledge to contribute to a real open source project through GSOC 2021.I would like to contribute in the development of one of the following plugin :

  • Bibtex Plugin
  • Paste Special [ More Specifically this one ]
  • Kanban Plugin

From my side, I would like to suggest extending the Joplin to the world decentralized technology as Joplin can support the feature of decentralized notebook in which data can be added by a group of people belonging to some specific network and no malicious person can manipulate data of this notebook as data is added only by following some set of protocols.

Github : aman-d-1-n-only

Please suggest me If you have any suggestion for me :slight_smile:


start fixing a bug :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your valuable suggestion.I was setting up the project locally and I will start fixing the bugs :slight_smile: