Introducing Alice

I'm a Master's student specializing in Distributed Systems in the Internet at Babes Bolyai University in Romania. I am also working as a Full Stack Software Developer, where I work with the following technologies: React, SpringBoot, JSP, PostgreSQL, Java, and Maven.

For my bachelor's thesis, I worked on a web application for improved ergonomics and well-being, which does real-time posture monitoring and correction. This project uses Computer Vision to correct your posture while staying at the laptop and offers both lateral and anterior view options. Currently, I am working on a book recommendation system that uses React as frontend, Flask as backend, and Python libraries for the AI model.

This is my github profile. You can check the "Pinned" section for more projects I did in my free time.

I worked on the following issues:

I hope I can find the time to work on one last issue that has high or medium priority before the deadline. From the list of ideas, three of them caught my eye:

  • Seamless desktop application updates
  • AI-supported summary of notes and notebooks
  • AI-supported categorizing, tagging

I would like to work on any of the projects presented above. Right now I am working on the proposal and once I have it finished I will send you a message.