Introducing Ahmed

Hello everyone!

I'm Ahmed, a CSE student from Egypt in my sophomore year. I've been in the open source community for a while but never got myself much into huge Open Source projects. I think GSoC is a perfect opportunity for just that and specifically Joplin cause I've been using it for a little bit now as my main note taking application so it interests me. Besides, I've got decent Node.JS experience that can kickstart my work here! :smiley:

I'm looking forward to contribute and help on the project even beyond my GSoC project (if I get accepted). I'm in love with the idea and I feel like its a great way to do something great but also get experience.

The project I'm looking to work on is the " Real-time collaboration on a note" idea. I still don't quite understand how it should work "idea-wise" but I'll get myself submerged into the codebase understanding as much as I can first before asking questions :slight_smile:

Make sure to check my Github over here: Ahmad45123 (Ahmad Mamdouh) ยท GitHub


look what I replied in Introducing Abhishek - GSoC - Joplin Forum (

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How important is having multiple pull requests in ? Unfortunately I've got final exams until the 28th of this month and I hardly have time atm, problem is proposal applications will have opened. So I'll be late by then, I'll still be doing my first pull request while others may have done multiple and already started preparing their proposals.

Hopefully, I WILL still get in some work done soon and apply on time. But I'm afraid I won't even find any more bugs to do! Maybe I'll get one PR in but still won't be as much pull requests as other applicants. Just wanted to know if it will impact me so I can reorganize my priorities. (Maybe ignore Exams a bit and focus here idk :joy: I mean wouldn't completely fail)

Just one pull request is fine. Your exams are more important.
If you're just doing one pill request, make sure it's code. A PR that fixes a bug will be best.

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