Integration/system tests

I just stumbled upon the GSoC idea about integration tests (joplin/ at dev · laurent22/joplin · GitHub). I'm not interested in participating, but wrote a test suite with python + selenium a few months ago: GitHub - marph91/joplin-ui-tests: UI tests for joplin with selenium. Mostly to see how far the tests of an electron app can go with selenium. I guess they are more system tests and not exactly the integration tests meant in the GSoC idea. However, if there is interest to integrate this or take it as an inspiration for the GSoC topic, feel free to contact me.


Hi @Marph
can you guide me in the process.

Hi @bhuvan2002,

if you mean the GSoC process, I can't guide since I'm not involved. You might find some more information at the GSoC topic.

If you have any particular question about my github repo, feel free to ask here.

Hey not about GSoC ,I wanted tom ask about Integrated testing

Is there any other means where I can contact you?

Well, you could get my email from the commits if you think posting here isn't appropriate.